Our Services

Our Services

The business world has changed dramatically in the last few years. No longer can the large process industries use capital to “engineer” improvements in the business. Past engineered solutions are getting older and require increased maintenance. However the need to continually improve your business faster than your competition still exists.

BlankPaper International can provide resources to deliver a full ‘start to finish’ business improvement program or to run individual projects to address specific operational problems/issues. Our approach is flexible enough to meet your specific needs.

Typical Improvement Programs are often criticized for taking too long to reap the benefits. Using its extensive experience BlankPaper International has a unique recipe for its improvement process that focuses on determining the critical few areas that will drive system wide improvement in throughput without wasting resources in non critical areas. This de-bottlecking of the   process leads to step change in performance. See the case study section for examples of our work.

BlankPaper International Staff have strong operational and transactional backgrounds who will go the extra mile to deliver results. Our staff have worked in many different cultures and locations in the world including China, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Europe, United Kingdom, Southern Africa and the United States.





  • De-bottle necking the Operation: Identification, planning and implementation of strategic projects to significantly improve throughput.
  • Design for Six Sigma: Use of sophisticated modelling tools which are used to understand and model variation to design new product and processes to meet customer requirements.  Training Coaching and Project Management.
  • Six Sigma:  Use of statistical tools to understand process variation and improve process performance. Coaching, Training, Project management and Development Leadership.
  • Lean: Use of basic tools to speed up processes: Coaching, training and Project Management and Deployment Leadership.
  • Theory of Constraints: Methodology that improves company wide business throughput and gets results quickly and for the longer term. Implementation and training.
  • Deployment Leadership: Providing company wide Business Improvement leadership to improve productivity and throughput
  • Project Facilitation/ Leadership: Providing project leadership do solve your business problems
  • Training: Delivery of Leadership and business improvement training for results
  • Coaching: Coaching and mentoring of staff through change and business improvement initiatives