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Blankpaper International, is like the name says, starting anew with a fresh approach to driving your business results. Not everyone gets it but the ones that do, go on to achieve high rates of success with high return on investments.

What is it about Blankpaper’s approach to driving results that inspires so much confidence?

Well it depends who you ask. Some say it’s the our global experience in varied industries, which encourages people to realise using Blankpaper is low risk.

Others talk about the outstanding record of success with projects, just look at a few of our case studies.

The diverse range of industries, the world of intellect, we have heard quite a few theories during my time as a consultant, but it seems things have been changing dramatically in many industries. From autonomous trucks, big data to maintenance strategies the internet has changed things, a window on the world open to other idea’s.

At Blankpaper we endeavor to stay current and have relevant skills that can be relevant to our clients.

You can’t talk about business improvement without mentioning Six sigma, Lean and theory of constraints?

Which has strong links to these methodologies having been applying them for the last 25 years for successful outcomes.

At Blankpaper we work with clients in three ways;

  1. We do it for you: we run and facilitate single or multiple projects running rapid improvement projects for results
  2. We develop your staff through training and coaching to run and facilitate single or multiple projects
  3. We train mentor and train individuals who can then apply the skills back at the workplace for results

Blankpaper meanwhile offers students/customers invaluable expertise/experience. We’ve been around, having helped out many different industries for twenty five years. Its taught us a lot about working under pressure, allowing us to use cutting edge management methods to achieve the rapid results.

Give us a call or e mail to discuss you needs and how we can rapidly improve your business and drive measureable, tangible results.


Project Facilitation

We do it for you…

Coaching & Deployment Leadership

We help and guide you do it…


We provide the skills for you to do it in-house…


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