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How quickly can you really get improvements?

We are often asked, how quickly can we achieve some improvements? In this day and age everyone wants to make improvements straight away. It’s understandable to want to get results right away however you need to remember that a process has not suddenly started...

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4 Principles to help you to increase Process Flow; resulting in reduced cycle times, increased productivity and reducing costs

We've been involved in many improvement projects which generally can be categorised into the following objectives: Increasing throughput Reducing cycle times Increasing productivity (doing more with less) Increasing availability (outside of this article) Reducing...

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Q&A: How would you get started if you needed quick results?

We are often asked how to get started with making improvements. We have all been in the situation where we are not getting the results needed and we need to be seen to be do something let alone actually getting improved results? We will talk about what our experience...

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The One Tool the “Business Improvement” Professional should have in their Arsenal.

We would like to move to a more technical article. We would like to discuss a tool that has become integral to generating results on our Business Improvement Projects. While this tool has become critical in helping provide clarity and direction to our improvement...

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Productivity Gains are Vital

  On 25 August, 2013, CEO of BHP Billiton Andrew Mackenzie stated, “Growth for us, and growth for anybody, is growth in free cash flow and you can grow free cash flow in two ways: add more productive capacity by investing (and) you buy businesses by investing, or...

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